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Asked by Arjun R.Unnithan

Nov 12, 2013

In an experiment 4.5 kg of a fuel was completely burnt.The heat produced was measured to 180000 kJ. Calculate the calorific value of the fuel.

I found the answer as 40000 KJ/Kg but the answer in the Learn Next NCERT Science Solution it is given as 4000KJ/Kg.When I referes to the Calculator it shown that 180000/4.5= 40000.




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solution=  180000/4.5 
=  1800000/4.5 as the decimal goes to N = numerator 

Satyanarayana Prasad

Member since Apr 24, 2013

Ans: Calorific value: The amount of heat energy released on complete combustion of 1 kg of a fuel is called calorific value.
It is expressed in a unit called kilo joule per kg (kJ/kg).
Calorific value = heat produced / weight of fuel used in Kgs
Heat produced = 180000 kJ
Weight of the fuel used in Kgs = 4.5
Calorific value     = 180000/ 4.5
                           = 40000 kJ/kg
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