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Asked by NextGurukul Guest User

Sep 30, 2017

Protonema and Prothallus

Give difference between protonema and prothallus



Agam Gupta

Member since Sep 21, 2013

Protonema and prothallus are two structures of primitive plants. The main difference between protonema and prothallus is that protonema is the first stage of development of mosses and liverworts whereas prothallus is the gametophyte of pteridophytes. Protonema is a thread-like chain of cells whereas prothallus is a heart-shaped structure. Both protonema and prothallus are produced by the germination of spores. Both structures do not differentiate into stem, root, and leaves. Protonema is the first stage of the gametophyte generation in mosses and liverworts. Prothallus consists of male and female sex organs, which produce male and female gametes respectively.
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