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Asked by Sanalkumar S

Mar 22, 2015

Shape of the PH3 molecule

Predict the shape of the PH3 molecule according to VSEPR theory.



Satyanarayana Prasad

Member since Apr 24, 2013


According to the VSEPR theory, every atom in a molecule will adopt geometry such that the repulsion between the valence electrons in the atoms is minimal. And the electron pairs prefer to occupy maximum distance from each other.

The VSEPR theory varies for molecules with the presence of lone pairs and multiple bonds around the central atom.

On the central atom of a molecule, the repulsion between two lone pairs of electrons is the greatest. The repulsion between a bond pair and another bond pair is the weakest, and that between a lone pair and a bond pair is between these two.

Decreasing order of repulsion forces:

Lone pair (lp)-lone pair (lp)>lone pair (lp)-bond pair (bp)>bond pair (bp)-bond pair (bp)

Shape of PH3 molecule is Pyramidal.

Sanalkumar S

Member since

Trigonal pyramidal
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