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Asked by Navaneeth K

Nov 8, 2014

strength of ionic bond

How does the bond strength varies over elements ?

NaCl or KCl is stronger ?
NaF or NaCl is stronger ?
KCl of NaF stronger ?

Is there any way to predict the bond strength by the datas of ionization energy and electron affinity value ? 

i mean can we calculate energy released during bond formation of NaCl or other elements
by substracting ionization energy from electron affiniy value ?



Swathi Ambati

Member since Apr 28, 2014

The strength of ionic compound or ionic bond is depends on Lattice energy.
If the magnitude of lattice energy is more the stability of ionic bond is more.
The lattice energy depends on the ionic charges and ionic sizes. 
Size of ions: Smaller the ionic size greater will be lattice energy.
Charge on the ions: Greater the charge on the ions greater will be lattice energy.
Between NaCl and KCl ,NaCl is stronger than KCl .
Reason: The size of sodium ion is lesser than the size of Potassium ion. Hence Smaller the ionic size greater will be lattice energy
NaCl > KCl
Between NaF and NaCl, NaF is stronger.
Between KCl and NaF ,NaF is stronger
NaF > KCl
Yes, the Born Haber cycle is used to measure the lattice energies of ionic compounds.
The concepts involved in the Born Haber cycle are ionization energy, electron affinity, dissociation energy, sublimation energy, heat of formation, and Hess' Law.
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