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Asked by Sneha RoyChowdhury

Dec 9, 2014

What is venation? What are the two types of venation?

Define venation. Explain its types.



Upasana Ghosh

Member since

The arrangement of veins on a leaf, be of any type is called ventation.
           The two types of ventation are parallel and reticulate.
i. Parallel ventation- when veins are arranged parallel to each other. Ex. Banana leaf
ii. Reticulate- veins are arranged reticulately upon each other. Ex. Mango Leaf.


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Venetation:- the pattern or design formed by the veins in a leaf There are two types of venetations called Parrelel and reticulate


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The arrangement of veins on lamina is called venation 1 reticulateu venation-it has midrib and a large no is veins Parcellel Venetian- the veins runs parallel to each other towards the margin of the leaf.
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