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Asked by Kasi

Mar 30, 2014

Why are bryophytes are called Amphibians of the plant kingdom

Why are bryophytes are called Amphibians of the plant kingdom



Sannan Zaid

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Gaurav Teharpuria

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This is because , they depends on both land as well as water...
they live on land but reproduce though the medium of water...

Surya rao Sripathi

Member since

Amphibians are those organisms which live on both land and in water. Bryophytes are called amphibians of the plant kingdom because these plants though live in soil but they need water for sexual reproduction. The sperm of bryophyte (antherozoids) are flagellate and need water to swim to the eggs. In other words, as these plants need water for reproduction unlike other plants, they are called as amphibians. 
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