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Feb 18, 2016

Ashoka's Dhamma

What do understand by Ashoka's Dhamma?



Mrigank Jha

The scholars believe that the Dhamma (the Sanskrit Dharma) which Ashoka tried to propagate was not simply the teachings of Buddhism, but it contained the noblest ideas of humanism which are the essence of all religions.

His pillar and rock edicts enlighten us about Ashoka’s idea of Dhamma. The positive aspect Ashoka’s policy of Dhamma is that he laid stress on:

  • Daya (compassion),
  • Dana (charity),
  • Suchita (purity),
  • Sadhuta (saintliness),
  • Samyama (self-control),
  • Satyam (truthfulness), etc.


Ashoka's dhamma implied a person'sduty to live accordingly to certain religious and social codes, ashoka cared for his people like a father he told his subjects

  1. to obey their parents
  2. to be liberal to friends acquaintances , relatives and ascetics
  3. to abstain from killing animals , and practise ahims and non-viloence
  4. to be moderate in expenditure and in acquiring possessions
  5. to cultivate compassion truthfulness , purity, gentleness and virtue
  6. to treat servants with care , show reverence to teachers and gentleness to all.

Ananya V

Ashoka wanted to solve problems like conflicts between the people because of different religions,ill treatment of slaves and servants andthe quarrels in families and neighbours by introducing dhamma.

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