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Raghunatha A Reddy

Oct 1, 2015

four drainage patterns

What are the four drainage patterns?



Ishan Jha

  • Dendritic- It resembles the shape of a tree and is the most common pattern on the earth’s surface. It develops in regions where the river channel follows the slope of the terrain.
  • Trellis- It is formed when the tributaries of a river join it at right angles to form numerous longitudinal streams. It develops in regions where hard and soft rocks exist parallel to each other.
  • Rectangular- It develops in regions having strongly jointed rocky terrain. The tributaries are more widely spaced in this pattern compared to trellis pattern. The angle of conâuence is determined by faults and fractures among the rocks in this terrain.
  • Radial- It develops when streams diverge from a central higher point or dome towards all directions. Thus, it resembles a centrifugal pattern where the arrangement of streams is similar to spokes of a wheel. 
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