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May 29, 2014

How to write imperative sentences?

What ae imperative  sentence? How to write an Imperative sentence?



Ravi Mariappan

Imperative sentences are used in issuing orders or directives: In an imperative sentence, the main verb is in the base form.The subject is always in the second person and is always the word “you”. In the sentence examples used  below  the subject isn’t written but is implied.
Though it may be considered more polite to use the word “please” in imperative sentences, it’s not necessary.  Without the word attached the sentence is still grammatically correct.
· Take me to the library.
· Walk through this door and turn left at the next hallway.
· Pour me a glass of water.
· Leave the package at the door
· Come over here
Tag questions are sometimes added to the end of imperatives:
Leave your coat in the hall, will you?
Write soon, won't you?
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