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Feb 21, 2015

Mention the features of Mehrauli the iron pillar of Dehli.

Mention the features of Mehrauli the iron pillar of Dehli.



Christo Vijay

The Mehrauli Iron Pillar Of Delhi is 98% pure wrought iron. It was built during the reign of King Chandragupta Vikramaditya or Chandragupta 2.

Ankita Khemka

iron pillars at mehruli,delhi was a good example of indian craftmenship .it is 7.2 metre high and weighs over 3 tons .it is made 1500 years ago but have still not rusted .it mention the ruler chandra probebly chandragupta 2

Aruna kumari Sripada

The iron pillar at Mehrauli, Delhi, is a remarkable example of the skill of Indian crafts persons. It is made of iron, high, and weighs over 3 tonnes.
There is an inscription on the pillar mentioning a ruler named Chandra,who probably belonged to the Gupta dynasty.
The pillar has not rusted in all these years.
The pillar is made of 98 per cent wrought iron and has stood 1,600 years without rusting or decomposing.
The Delhi Iron Pillar is a classical example of massive production of high class iron and is the biggest hand-forged block of iron.