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Feb 16, 2014

Uses of inert gases

Write the uses of inert gases.



Gaurav Teharpuria

Uses of Inert Gases:
1. Helium- inflates balloons, as a inert gas shield for welding, protectivegas in growing silicons, helps NASA shuttles get into space.
2. Neon- used for signs, and electron tubes,used for a refrigerant in industries.
3. Argon-   Inert gas for welding Inert gas for filling incandescent bulbs instead of using a vaccum  Argon-Ion lasers, also used as discharge tubes, certain types of flash arrerstors.
4. Krypton- used in some types of flashes in photography and some light bulbs.
5. Xenon- used in xenon flash lamps, in lasers, in anesthesia, and even in medical imaging.
6. Radon- Radon has been used in the past for medical purposes but not so much anymore as harmful for us in some ways as it is Radioactive gas...



Argon is used in Filament bulb so that tungston won't burn 

Greeny joby

argon is used in electric bulbs from preventing tungsten filament to burn out.

Rohit Jha

Argon is used in Filament bulb so that tungston won't burn 
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