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Sagar Rachchh

Dec 5, 2014

What do you mean by obliterated central lumen ?

What is obliterated central lumen?



Aruna kavitha Singupilla


Xylem is the vascular tissue extending from top to bottom of the plant. It helps in the transport of water molecules and dissolved substances from the root hairs to aerial parts of the plant. The transport in xylem is unidirectional. Xylem mostly occupies the centre of the vascular bundle. Xylem mainly comprises of tracheids, vessels, xylem parenchyma and xylem fibres.

*Xylem fibres are sclerenchymatous fibres which are dead cells.

*Xylem fibres have highly thickened walls and obliterated central lumen. Lumen is the space in the centre of the tube or the cell.


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