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Kirti Sharma

Jan 22, 2015

What is urbanisation of population? Mention its causes and impact.

What is urbanisation of population? Mention its causes and impact.



Aruna kumari Sripada

Urbanization is a population shift from rural to urban areas, and the ways in which society adapts to the change. It predominantly results in the physical growth of urban areas, be it horizontal or vertical. The United Nations projected that half of the world's population would live in urban areas at the end of 2008.

Industrialization: Industrialization is a major cause of urbanization. It has expanded the employment opportunities. Rural people have migrated to cities on account of better employment opportunities.
Social factors: Many social factors such as attraction of cities, better standard of living, better educational facilities, need for status also induce people to migrate to cities.
Employment opportunities: In rural sector people have to depend mainly on agriculture for their livelihood. But Indian agriculture is depending on monsoon. In drought situations or natural calamities, rural people have to migrate to cities.
Modernization: Urban areas are characterized by sophisticated technology better infrastructure, communication, medical facilities, etc. People feel that they can lead a comfortable life in cities and migrate to cities.
Rural urban transformation: It is an interesting aspect that not only cities are growing in number but rural community is adopting urban culture, no longer rural communities are retaining their unique rural culture. Rural people are following the material culture of urban people. Urban rural transformation can be observed in the following areas.
Impact: With a high rate of urbanization significant changes have taken place. The effect of urbanisation can be summed up as follows:
Migration of rural people to urban areas.
Employment opportunities in urban centres.
Transport and communication facilities.
Educational facilities.
Increase in the standard of living.
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