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May 17, 2014

When the tense remains the same in the reported speech?Pls clarify

Can you give the situations  where the tense is not changed while transforming a direct  speech into indirect speech?



Ravi Mariappan

If the reporting verb is in the present or future tense, the tense of the verb in the direct speech does not undergo any changes in the indirect speech.
 Ex. She says, ‘I have done my duty.’ (Direct speech)
       She says that she has done her duty. (Indirect speech)
Tense didn’t change because  reported speech is a universal truth though its reporting verb   belongs to past tense
       Direct speech: He said, “Mathematics is a science”
       Indirect Speech: He said that mathematics is a science. 
       Direct speech: He said, “Sun rises in east”
       Indirect Speech: He said that sun rises in east.
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