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Sep 21, 2013

Why does photosynthesis take place only in plants?

Why does photosynthesis take place only in plants?



Chetana motilal

photosynthesis is a process which takes placeonly in plants because plants have green colour pigment called chlorophyll and they have the materials they need to make food like sunlight, water, carbondioxide. photosynthesis can take place in any green part of plant which contains chlorophyll. 

Kshama Misra

plants have the required pigment,chlorophyll in their cells necessary of appear green to the human eye.

Sandip Dey

because only they have chlorophyll.


It only takes place in plants because of chlorophyll and it haves the features to take in and release ingredients and products

Sonal Shah

photosynthesis take place only in green plant because they are the only living things which use carbon dioxide , chlorophyll , sunlight for making their food.


Photosynthesis can only take place in green plants , because they contain a special green pigment (substance) called chlorophyll on its surface.Not only leaves but, stems of some plants too contain chlorophyll which can help then in this process.

Surya rao Sripathi

Because of special pigment called chlorophyll. In plants, the green pigments called chlorophyll collect simple substances like water and salts from the soil and CO2 from the air, and using sunlight as a source of energy, convert the simple substances into complex food for the plant. This process is called photosynthesis.

Rahul nair

photosynthesis take place only in plants, because they are made in such a way that they can made only by themselves. they contain chlorophyll to synthesize their own food. for e.g. plants can,t move in search of food like we do. therefore what will they do? synthesize their own food.

Ande beshajaya

It takes place only in green plants because they have the required materials to make food that is sunlight,water,chlorophyll,carbon dioxide .wink
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