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Rachna Yadav

Jul 29, 2015

Why is earth called blue planet

Why is earth called blue planet




The three-fourth of the earth's surface is covered with water bodies. And when looked from the space it appears blue due to those water bodies. That is why it is also known as the Blue planet.

Raj Kumar Singh

Because earth is the only planet which has water and on seeing earth from space it looks blue due to the sky's refleation in water making it to look blue & hence earth is called a blue planet. 

Sugat Bhuyan

becauz i did blue pee on it

Saurav Raj

Because it has 70% water and also it looks blue from the space so it is called a Blue Planet.

Ashmit Yadav

because their is more water than land

Sudheer Vagvala

Answer:- The earth ulis called a blue planet because of the presence of abundance of water in it. About 70 percent of the earth's crust is covered with water. And this imparts it with a blue colour as seen from the space.

During earth's formation, hydrogen molecules combine with oxygen molecules in the ratio 2:1 water is formed and because of earth's suitable temperature it remained in liquid form and supported life on earth.

Siva Kumar

Earth is called "blue planet" because a large part of earth is covered with water.

Siva Kumar

Earth is called a "blue planet " because a large part of earth is covered with water.

Joshitha Sivakumar

The earth appears blue because nearly two thirds of water is covered by earth.

Madhavi Suhasini Mangalara

earth is called the blue planet because when we see the earth from space it looks blue due to presence of water bodies 

Karthika Reddy

because it is 3\4th covered with water.thus,it is called the blue planet

Principal Ocf

planet earth has been called a "blue planet" due to the abundant water on it's surface .

Ashmit Yadav

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