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Atharva nandkumar Kurlapkar

Dec 14, 2014

Why plateaus are important for human being?

Why plateaus are important for human being?



Aruna kumari Sripada

The plateaus are famous for minerals. The plateau of France, the Deccan plateau of India, Western Australian plateau and Brazilian plateau are very good sources of minerals.
Plateaus are not very useful for agriculture. The hard rocks on plateaus cannot form fertile soil but agricultural activities are promoted where lava soils have developed. Lava soil in developed form is found on the terraced slopes of Indonesia. This soil promotes agriculture. It is difficult to dig wells and canals in plateaus. This hampers irrigation.
Grass grows on plateaus. Animals are reared on it. The plateaus of Australia, Patagonia and South Africa are well known for the rearing of goats and sheep.
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