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Ankit kumar

Aug 30, 2014

Is it possible to get 10 cgpa in class 10 board exam if My grade in FA1 nad FA2 exam (excludeing project, oral test and other activities) a..

Is it possible to get 10 cgpa in class 10 board exam if My grade in FA1 nad FA2 exam (excludeing project, oral test and other activities) are :-
FA1 - A2, A1, B1, A2, A2
FA2 - A1, A1, A1, A2, A2



Gaurav Teharpuria

No, if u had A1 or A2 than it may possible but u scored B1 as well...
So, i can't find any hope for 10 cgpa...

Anyways, All the Best and CHEERS UP...


Look....u actually have to balance your marks in order to get 10 cgpa... So...... Don't worry, u can calculate it by ur own.. Follow these steps... 1. Convert all fa (fa1,fa2,fa3,fa4) marks into "10" marks. 2. Convert all sa (sa1,sa2) marks into 30's... 3. Then u get 10+10+10+10+30+30=100... So u got the total of 100 marks! 4. Now,calculate ur marks and convert it as described above... 5. IF U GET ABOVE 90 THEN CONGRATS!!! BECAUSE U HAVE SCORED 10 CGPA.... I hope this was useful to u...

Aishwarya Gadamsetti

yeah ucan as it canb upgraded like A2TOA1 or B1TOA2


good performance,but try to concentrate more in psa,where many students lack capability to solve problems, so cheers up!!!

Dhanashri Rathod

you can do it , see many students don't get 10 cgpa due to their low performance in psa exams so prepare for it first all the best

Alekhya sistu

You can if you improve in the subjects in which you are not good . You should not be good but you should be excellent.

Theresa Joshy

U may as i have seen many upgradation from b1 to a1


Good performance

Ishita Gupta

i think u can achieve 10 cgpa as if u include the other act(s) in it, your b1 grade will be upgraded to a2 and don't worry as 30% marks are added of 9th class also.
good luck for your psa if u are attempting it again for improvement.

Alekhya sistu

You can if you improve in the subjects in which you are not good . You should not be good but you should be excellent.

TeAN The Awesome

with this and assuming they promote one subject of yours which they mostly will,you will get 10 cgpa if u take a1 in 4-5 subjects in for your results:-)

Praveen Lk

if you study you can get it


If we get lesser marks in fa what will happen


same problem broda :'(


No if you had gotten A1orA2 it might be possible


Ya definitely got

R chandra



Yes because of upgradation by school

Bhoomika S

as i know the grades in your FA's except PSA doesn't count for the finals........ it's better that u work well but not push yourself for 10cgpa....... just see to it that u manage all the subjects in a stable manner..... manage ur time.... make a time table and go according to it....... re-read those parts where u feel that u need to concentrate more..... don't worry...... you'll do it to get the required result......!!  :D

Mrigank Singh

dont take any load on ur mind...ur grades are fine enought to strike a 10cgpa ...all u have to do is maintain ur grades....n keep buttering teachers to get best grades in projects,assignments... belev me this trick works in maximum cases...except of calculating ur grades to 10....n wasting ur time u jus do this n u will get the best result.....

Archit Chauhan

yes, but u have to score maximum as much as possible.

Avinash Pratap singh

m damm sure if u will keep these grades surely u will get 10 cgpa 

Aprajit Tiwari

No i think its not possible because you got B1 in FA 1


Member since Apr 1, 2017

Hey,  u are in which class ? By the way U just have to do hard work and I am sure u must get 10 cgpa in class 10th


Gourav Gulati

No. others are equally important

Adithyan A S

cheers bro. we can catch it back in SA2 . 
my condition is verser than you ....
vishwaas hei toh sub kuch hei !!!

Devendra naranbahi Parmar


Devendra naranbahi Parmar


Devendra naranbahi Parmar


Vaibhav Sinha



It may b possible because if u r a good student then fa marks will b increased by the by teachers & PSA is there 2 4 10 cgpa


yes it is possible to get 10 cgpa even with these  ranks as 10 cgpa is 95%nd above and if u can score more than 95%in the coming all xams then u can get cgpa 10


In board examinations only sa marks are counted so don't worry and study hard


Yes because there are co-colastic areas marks

Luke Rodrigues

If you do no pass or get good marks in sa-1an 2 your score moves down


Don't worry I got c2 in fa 3 science last year but a2 in sa2 but my scale in science was 9 so there is a very good chance that you can score 10


I think. Your. Performance. Is nice. In fa1 and fa2 but you will be best performance. In sa1&sa2 then you hope. For. 10 cgpa....�


All should be a1 a1 a1a1 a1

Sandip Dey

it is possible

Adityaraj Sahu

If u have upgradation scheme in ur schl then you can get it


Yes due to upgradeation u may get 10 cgpa but u need to focus on SA

Nagesh K

    Well not much depends on F.A's. You just have to focus on the S.A's and score really well in both terms (1&2). They contain 60% of the C.G.P.A. So you still have hope!
All the Best!

Harshitha 123

simple answer no

Simran Shany

FA1- maths-A1 english-A2 science-B1sst-A1hindi -A2information technology-A1 
FA2 - overall A2 or A1


You can get it just be good at class and tak e tutn from school teachers although they give u B1 but in order to get school performance they make it A1

Ankit Raj

dont take tension ""do better


Practice well and secure ur marks


I think u can get 10 cgpa be coz u r grades may be upgraded


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