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Brains to Control Smart Devices: A Step to Instant Communication

Pritikana Karmakar
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Working on computers and smartphones with only your brain – doesn’t it sound like something straight out of Star Wars or X-Men? Well, soon enough, we will be able to guide our smart devices with our thoughts!

Earlier this year, Elon Musk’s start-up Neuralink had revealed its grand project of developing a ‘brain-machine interface’, to help human brains communicate directly with computers. Now, a week ago, Facebook has declared that it is acquiring CTRL-labs, a neurotechnology start-up, to help develop a wristband for controlling digital devices without having to touch a screen or keyboard.

The device, as envisioned by Facebook, will let users type words and send messages using only their brains. Furthermore, unlike Neuralink’s electrode implantation methods, it will be more convenient as a device than one implanted by surgery.

Apart from helping in various sectors such as medicine, such technology can be a boon for all sectors including education, particularly distance education, by making communication instantaneous and hassle-free. 

Watch the following video to learn more on controlling electronics with our brain!

Video source: https://www.cnet.com/videos/controlling-electronics-with-your-mind/

Image source: https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2015/05/brain-computer-interfaces-bring-neuroscience-to-the-masses/

Pritikana Karmakar
Pritikana Karmakar

Pritikana Karmakar is an experienced copywriter at Next Education. She is a part of the editorial team of The Next World magazine. She loves to read fiction, and has a research interest in speculative fiction, language and narratology.


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