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Students across the country are conducting awareness programmes on climate change

Urmi Khasnobish
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In recent years, climate change has become a global issue and students across the world are actively participating in different movements to show their concern towards nature and its well-being and draw the attention of people worldwide.

Ahead of the UN Climate Summit, 2019 which was held in New York, students from government schools across Haldwani, Uttarakhand, conducted an awareness programme on climate change on Sunday. ‘Climate change should be treated as an emergency but in India, people are unaware of the situation and the youth of the country will have to take hold of the situation,’ said one of the students, voicing concerns against climate inaction.

Last Friday, school and college students of Chennai boycotted classes as part of the Global Climate Strike to draw the attention of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Edappadi K. Palaniswami, towards the serious issue of global climate change. 

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Source:  India Today


Urmi Khasnobish
Urmi Khasnobish

Urmi Khasnobish is an experienced copywriter at Next Education India Pvt.Ltd. She is an avid reader and a voracious writer with a strong background in journalism. As an enthusiastic blogger, she often indulges in writing on topics of relevance to the Indian youth.


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