Technology is now a buzz word in education

Technology has become the buzz word in every sector. It has made life easy in sectors like medicine, agriculture, production,

A teacher must be a true “netizen,” too

Today’s child is SMART – Systematic, Meticulous, Active, Realistic and Tactful. He involves himself in the learning process only when told

Become a 21st century educator

Quality has become the buzz word in the field of education today. Schools are going to great lengths to improve

Shifting focus from schooling to learning

India has a good education system, and the country meets its schooling targets in terms of creating infrastructure like constructing

ICT and education in India

Over the past two decades information and communication technology has transformed our lives here in India immensely. From communicating with

Educational Technology- Strategies to Implement In Schools

Technology is not power, but implementation and right usage of technology is definitely power. There has been an upsurge of