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A robust education system helps society progress

A robust education system helps society progress
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Education is one of the major sectors that influence the progress of a society. In developed countries, significant investments are made in the education sector and therefore, these countries reap the benefits of a robust and innovative education system. Of late, India is also making impressive strides in improving its education sector. Academic institutions across the country are now coming at par with world-class standards. Their students have achieved glory in various professions and are well placed in responsible positions across the world.

India has made a mark in the information technology (IT) industry by emerging as the largest producer of software and tech professionals. Various information and communication technology courses and training programs—which are now included in the Indian educational curriculum—account for India’s growing number of IT professionals.

When it comes to the development of the education sector, India has come a long way. However, it still has a long way to traverse. Given the changing world, our education sector should be made inclusive. Education should also help in the holistic development of students, thereby enabling them to be responsible global citizens.

Time has come to impart value-based education into students. This can be done by encouraging collaboration in the classroom. Instead of competition, students should be encouraged to cooperate and collaborate. This way, they will learn to be good team players. They will learn together, and grow together. Ultimately, it will make individuals better global citizens, which is very important in today’s world.

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