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Building a better education system

Building a better education system
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Time has come when educators, policy makers, and most importantly, private companies should work together to help India emerge as a superpower by 2020. However, there are several challenges in the way to develop an integrated education system. Some of them are as follows:

  • Getting access to quality-centric education, which is effective, relevant, and most importantly, customized.
  • Adopting technology-enabled and innovative methods to ensure education for everyone
  • Bridging the void between education and employability
  • Promoting economic viability as well as social equality

It is obvious that a single policy is not enough to address all these challenges. It is; therefore, necessary to come up with specific policies for different parts of education. Further, policies should be specific for different regions as well.

Under these circumstances, private companies have a crucial role to play, as the private sector’s share in the education sector stands at 7 per cent in primary, 21 per cent in upper primary, and 32 per cent in secondary. It is time to create innovative education models and optimize the use of various educational resources. Continuous investments in education will definitely revamp the education sector in India.

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