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Develop Healthy Faculty Culture in School

Develop Healthy Faculty Culture in School
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In any school, its educational faculty—more clearly, its teachers—hold utmost importance. If an institution makes significant investments in its teaching faculty, it promises to yield high returns, along with an improved teaching and learning environment.
A good faculty culture is an essential factor in ensuring that an effective and efficient teaching-learning process is followed in the school. It is quite true that not only its teaching faculty’s competence and subject knowledge but also a school’s faculty culture has a significant impact on its students’ competence and academic performance.
At times, teachers are so engrossed in their own projects and work that they become oblivious of their surroundings. Nevertheless, a school ought to define a healthy faculty culture in the school premises in order to create a positive environment. Integrity, trust, discipline, innovation and creativity showed by its teachers are some essential components of this culture. Poor communication amongst teachers, suspicion and defensiveness, however, act as a deterrent to building such a culture in a school.
Teachers should be good observers, provide constructive feedback and collaborate with management to maintain discipline in a school. No doubt, a healthy culture can be developed in a school if its administrators and teachers work in tandem.
Therefore, school management is advised to assess the existing faculty culture and find out where it is lagging behind. Once the problem is identified, management should analyze it at hand and address it accordingly. At the same time, the onus is on school management to ensure that all issues related to the school are being addressed with a solution-oriented attitude.
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Dheeraj Mehrotra

An educational innovator, author and experiential educator, he has authored numerous books on computer science and educational excellence.


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