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Digital storytelling: Redefining the art of storytelling

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As the name suggests, the term ‘digital storytelling’ refers to the method of using various digital tools–such as laptops or desktops, tablets, cameras and even smartphones–during a storytelling session. During such a session, stories are created leveraging story boarding, animation, script writing, and so on.

The benefits of digital storytelling are immense. A teacher can use this method to teach his/her students an end-to-end creative process, involving writing, brainstorming, narrating, script writing and so on. Further, this storytelling method enables teachers to tell stories in students’ language. Unlike the traditional method, it helps teachers tweak the language of a story in order to make it more student friendly. Most importantly, digital storytelling connects the teacher’s intent to nurture creativity, analytical writing as well as critical thinking skills into students with students’ inclination for gadgets and apps.

On the other hand, digital storytelling projects are effective in improving coordination between students, as such projects mostly call for partnership between students. Besides, they help in honing up students’ teamwork, organization, listening and time management skills.

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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