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Education for pupils with special needs

Education for pupils with special needs
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There a few things that parents and teachers need to remember while attending to children with special needs, such as autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s syndrome also falls in the autistic spectrum. Although no two children with special needs are alike, the following points shed light on how to teach such students.

Children with special needs must be taught in Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). As much as possible, children with special needs need to be integrated with other children. It is vital to note that special children don’t respond well to rules, restrictions, and cramped physical spaces.

Mainstreaming is useful. ‘Mainstreaming’ means to selectively pick students with mild disabilities of autism and other LDs and place them in classrooms with other children. This way, you will help them adjust to routine education without experiencing any sudden changes.

An alternative learning space may be necessary in some cases. Ideally, before a school places a student in a separate classroom meant only for those with special needs, the school should try to help the student blend and do well in a regular classroom by giving him or her extra learning support.

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