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eLearning will help achieve education for all

eLearning will help achieve education for all
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These days, information technology and eLearning methodologies are playing a key role in taking education to the masses. eLearning can overcome geographical barriers easily, since it offers an anytime-and-anywhere-learning facility. This eliminates the need to be physically present to attend a class, thereby obviating the need to travel. Therefore, this method helps in saving time and cost. Given this, it can be said that eLearning is a great boon, especially in those areas where infrastructure is often not up to the mark.

Nowadays, eLearning solutions that do not depend on the internet connectivity are also available. These solutions, therefore, can easily be deployed in remote areas where internet connectivity is still a major challenge. For example, TeachNext—the eLearning solution of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.—has been designed especially with the poor Internet connectivity in mind. It does not depend on internet connectivity. The system works even if the network goes down. So, the classes can continue as usual even without network connectivity.

This innovative digital solution comprises a wide range of content in order to make teaching-learning effective, engaging, and most importantly, interactive. To cater to students in various boards, its content covers CBSE, ICSE, IGCE, and all 23 state boards in as many as 8 different languages. Furthermore, its content is 100% mapped to the NCERT curriculum and comprises real-life 2D and 3D graphics with clear sound, a detailed lesson plan for classes VI to X, and a question bank with more than 85,000 questions as well as options to include more.



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