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Help your child be independent

Help your child be independent
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So, your child has been promoted to middle school. Now, it is time for him to be independent. Usually, children develop an urge to be independent by the time they reach class 5. Remember, your child is now no more a ‘baby’. Respect his/her urge. However, don’t overlook the safety aspect. Check out the following pointers.

Examine your child’s problem-solving skills: Is your child capable of solving a problem independently? Students in middle schools ought to develop problem-solving skills under the guidance of their parents and teachers. In free time, sit with your kid and give him/her various problematic situations to solve. It will help you gauge as well as sharpen your child’s problem-solving skills.

Train your child for new situations and experiences: It is also the right time to train your child for new situations and experiences. Teach him/her some life skills so that he/she can take care of him/her when you are not around. At this stage, parents should spend their energy preparing their children for new experiences instead of only protecting them.

Teach your kids personal safety: Now, your kids should be educated about personal safety. It is true that you cannot protect him/her every time. So, equip your kids with ‘to-do’ and ‘not-to-do’ details. Some basic lessons can be like not to take rides in a stranger’s car, be street smart and so on. Make sure that the safety lesson is detail-oriented and realistic.

The following are some to-do lists that parents can follow when their children are in 4th or 5th grade.

  • Encourage them to use safety skills when required.
  • Ask them to refuse tasks where classmates challenge them to dare something.
  • Ask them to report inappropriate adult behaviour.
  • Teach them the basics of cooking so that they can manage alone at home for a while.
  • Stress that they must keep the doors of the home closed when you are not around.


Stay involved and prepare but don’t scare your child.

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