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How to build your students’ self-confidence: Tips for effective teaching

How to build your students’ self-confidence Tips for effective teaching

Teachers play a significant role in developing students’ self-confidence. Since teachers have a great influence on their students, they should take initiatives to inculcate this essential life skill into their pupils. Here are some time-tested teaching strategies for teachers to consider.

  • Being a teacher, you should always praise your students for their every achievement. Do remember that positive feedback given by teachers matters a lot to students. It encourages, motivates and inspires students, thereby boosting their self-confidence.
  • Many a time, teachers tend to highlight their students’ every single mistake. At times, it causes harm to students’ level of confidence. Teachers should always make students find out their mistakes so that they can correct them on their own. For example, in the language class, if a student uses some incorrect words while answering a question, do not interrupt him/her to correct the words. Let him/her complete the answer, and then ask whether he/she has said something wrong. If your student cannot find out their mistakes, then only identify the mistakes he/she has made.
  • The goal-setting method is another effective strategy to develop students’ self-confidence. At the beginning of an academic session, set short-term learning goals for your students and encourage all students to achieve these goals. When your students start achieving them, it will provide a major boost to their confidence level.
  • Always teach your students with a positive attitude and show your eagerness to help them all the time. Your students will start feeling that you are always on their side and gradually, start gaining confidence in everything they do.
  • Create some opportunities for your every student to thrive on by building on his/her special skill (s). For example, if a student is well versed in modern technologies, you can easily ask him/her to tell you some of the latest innovations. This way, you can provide a big confidence boost to your students.
  • Always encourage your students to perform better in exams. Present their weak areas as a major challenge to them and motivate them to rise to these challenges. It is important for teachers to encourage students to fight against their weak areas instead of their classmates.

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