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How to foster gratitude in kids

How to foster gratitude in kids
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According to various studies, gratitude holds immense importance in a person’s personality development and success. A study has revealed that gratitude helps in gaining social support and keeping negative feelings—such as anxiety, fear and stress—at bay. Another study has showed how gratitude enables people to create and strengthen social relationship and feel attached to a caring community.

When it comes to kids and adolescents, gratefulness plays a significant role in developing a person’s character and mentality. Research has revealed that grateful kids and teens are more optimistic, more satisfied, more focused and happier than others. Even, such kids are found to be more engaged in various community- and school-based activities and better equipped to deal with their negative emotions.

It is the responsibility of parents to foster gratitude in their kids. However, this is an ongoing process and gratitude cannot be taught or inculcated into kids within a day.

Here are some tips that parents can consider.

  • Our children follow us closely. They consider their parents as their role models and try to emulate them all the time. So, before teaching your kids the nitty-gritty of gratefulness, first ask yourself–do you show gratitude to others? Practice what you preach is one of the best ways to teach your kids gratefulness.
  • Teach your kids how to show gratitude through simple words like ‘Thank You,’ ‘Please,’ and so on. Similarly, you should teach them how to think gratefully. Sometimes, small gifts and hand-written notes help in expressing gratitude to others.
  • Teach your kids the language of love. Show your compassion, feelings and unconditional love for them. Spend quality time with them and teach them how to care for others, how to show empathy.
  • Help your kids develop their social bonding and relationship. Encourage them to help other people and be thoughtful of others’ feelings and emotions. Also, show your kids how to be cooperative and generous.

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