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How to improve your English vocabulary

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Are you looking for some smart ways to improve your vocabulary? No matter whether you want to improve your vocabulary for your personal growth or the upcoming exam, the key thing required is your undivided attention and unyielding commitment to the purpose.

The following tips can be a guiding beacon for you in your effort to broaden your vocabulary.

  • Read voraciously: Be a voracious reader; it will really work in improving your vocabulary. The more you read, the better your vocabulary will be. When you stumble upon new words, try to look up their meanings in a good dictionary, learn how to use the words in sentences, their synonyms and antonyms, and then note them down. Keep reading them on a regular basis and try implementing those words whenever possible.
  • Play word games: Various word games, available online as well as offline, help in expanding vocabulary. Some of the popular word games, such as anagrams, word jumble, scrabble, crossword puzzles, and boggle, will prove to be helpful in your quest for learning new words and their meanings.
  • Be a good listener: Be a good listener. Listen to English news, discussions, and talk show. You will definitely be exposed to a whole lot of new words. Try to note down those words on your mobile phone or a notebook. Later, search those words on a dictionary to learn their meanings and use.
  • Engage in daily conversations: Regular conversation in English is another effective way to improve your vocabulary. It will help you not only learn new words but also use them in your day-to-day conversations.

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