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How to teach your students classroom management

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Every teacher must acquaint his/her students with the concept of classroom management at the beginning of an academic session. It will help in creating a congenial learning environment, thereby making the teaching-learning process more effective. A perfect learning environment is considered imperative to enhance students’ concentration level and put an end to all sorts of distractions.

The following tips provide more insights into how to teach classroom management.

  • Set your classroom management plan: At first, set your classroom management plan. While doing this, make sure that you have clearly mentioned the rules to be followed in the classroom and the consequences if any of these rules is broken. Being a teacher, you should always abide by these rules so that you can set an example for your students to follow.
  • Clarify the purpose: Most of teachers tend to present their classroom management plans in a wrong way. It may frighten students, demotivating them to accept these guidelines wholeheartedly. Do remember, your classroom management plan is aimed at the betterment of your students. Therefore, you should clarify the purpose of the plan to your students while introducing them. Indeed, it will remove their ambiguity as well as confusions related to the plan.
  • Bring passion to your teaching: All your classroom management initiatives will go in vain if you do not bring passion to your teaching. It is quite easy for passionate teachers to teach their students the basics of classroom management.
  • Involve your students in the teaching-learning process: Do not make the teaching-learning process one-sided. Instead, make it interactive and interesting. Encourage your students to ask questions. It will help create openness and transparency between you and your students, thereby encouraging them to adhere to your classroom management plan.

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