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How to teach your toddlers at home

How to teach your toddlers at home

For any parents, home preschooling is challenging yet rewarding. Nevertheless, parents should not forget that discipline is an essential prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. So, be disciplined first and then plunge into the excitement called preschooling.

Indeed, preschoolers are quite curious about their surrounding world. Therefore, hands-on learning is the most effective way to teach them new things. Being parents, try to channelize your kids’ interests and let them learn with lots of fun. Follow a schedule to make the best use of your kids’ time. Allocate time for reading, singing and even playing. It will not only ensure effective preschooling but also teach your kids their first lesson of discipline.

Read Together: Read, read and read to/with your kids as much as possible, as reading is hailed as a stepping stone to effective learning. Don’t restrict the story-time session before bedtime. Rather, fix some time for reading in the morning as well as in the evening. Be selective about books. Initially, go for picture books and gradually, choose various storybooks.

Arts and Crafts: For hands-on learning, opt for various arts and craft projects. Such projects are effective in developing your kids’ fine-motor skills and enhancing their creativity. So, while selecting at-home activities for your preschoolers, make sure that there are some types of arts and craft projects. Start with simple projects, for example, drawing with crayons, finger painting, doodling with pencils, just to name a few. You can also encourage your kids to do some simple origami paper crafts–such folding paper to create a boat or a hand fan. Your kids will love trying their hands at such activities.

Rhythmic Routine: Add some rhythms to your kids’ at-home preschooling routine. While listening to and singing music, your toddlers will pick up new words, thereby increasing their list of vocabulary. On the other hand, dancing to their favourite tune will help them unleash their creative potential. Besides, dancing is a good exercise for kids.

Daily Chores: Encourage your kids to perform some daily chores, such as keeping things at place, hanging up their coats, and so on. Teach them how to follow instructions while performing a task. It will help your kids be independent in future.

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