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Classroom Oct-Dec-2018

Initiatives of Kundan Vidya Mandir

Navita Puri
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The present generation spends more time with gadgets rather than on interpersonal interactions. The family dynamics have also seen a drastic change with very less interaction between family members and very little scope for family outdoor activities. This is the reason that today’s youth is losing touch with nature and society. Before the situation aggravates and we become robotised, it is of importance to form a human connection and sensitise the younger generation about their duties towards self and society. The educators have to play a major role in this.

William S. Burroughs said, “the aim of education is knowledge – not of facts, but of values.” Keeping this as our foremost duty, we have taken up well-planned initiatives with a five-year plan to empower the young children and transform them into better citizens of tomorrow. In the first year, various sections of the school were actively involved in working on specific socio-ecological issues. They were:

  • Go Green: The tiny tots of kindergarten took up the crusade of making our planet earth a greener place, with activities ranging from drawing competition to watching videos and songs, fancy dress competition, gifting saplings to the parents of LKG students and making sprinklers. They were made aware of the joy of being in close contact with nature and also contributing to its conservation.
  • Swachhta Abhiyan: Keeping our surroundings clean and thereby disease free was the aim of the primary section kids. The enthusiasm of these kids was visible as they started carrying dusters with them to clean their own benches and classrooms. They did not stop there. By making it a point to clean their corridors, school campus, canteen area, they set an example for others. The kids after training everyone in their own section took up the task of creating awareness in the senior students by taking out a campaign.
  • Cybersafety and road safety: Being safe online and on road is what the impressionable minds of the middle section learnt through seminars, nukkad nataks and forming peer groups to sensitise their friends. They were made aware of the right age for using social media sites and driving vehicles along with the safety rules.
  • Sharing and caring: Being compassionate and developing empathy are the two most important human values which the students learn through community service. Every month, a batch of students went to spend time with those in need and distributed various necessary items such as food and clothing. The expressions of happiness and affection on the faces of the underprivileged people was the most precious gift for the children.

In the second and third year, the entire school followed a structured programme with two months allotted for each project. Along with these initiatives, the school declared the entire year as the “Healthy is Happy” year to foster good physical and mental health by allowing the children to play outdoors and be happy.

Success comes from taking initiative and following up, and eloquently expressing the depth of commitment. Such initiatives will help the Kundanites gain momentum towards a successful future.

Navita Puri
Navita Puri

Mrs Navita Puri has done her B.A. from Punjab University and M.A. in Education from Rajasthan University. She has over 36 years of experience in teaching and school administration in some of India’s premier institutions. She has won several awards and accolades such as the Rajiv Gandhi Award from the government of Haryana and the Silver Zone Award from the Indian Association for the Blinds. Throughout her career, she has promoted a balance between scholastic and co-scholastic activities for the holistic development of her students.


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