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Have tech-free family time

Have tech-free family time
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Quality time with family means lots of lively and healthy interactions among all family members, with kids being actively involved in it. Nevertheless, in most of the families, various technical gadgets dominate this time, which is not a healthy sign.

If you want to protect your family time from this unpleasant tech invasion, the following tips will show the way:

Provide low-tech fun

Encourage your family members to play board games and card games during free time, as playing these games requires real-life interactions. During family time, you and your family members can get involved in cooking, crafts, puzzles, and other fun activities, which, again, need face-to-face interaction. Select an activity that gives you a scope to chat up with your children and other family members.

Model the behavior you want to see

Don’t text while speaking to your children. Don’t speak on the phone while you are playing a game with your children. Don’t have long chats on the phone when you are on an outing with your children. If you speak on the phone while your children are busying admiring a bird, then you are missing out on a moment.

Listen patiently

If he is talking about his latest escapade at the school, then listen to him with a lot of patience. If you don’t do that, he may go back to playing a video game. If you are looking at encouraging face-to-face interaction, then the basic skill you need to hone up is the skill to listen actively.

Create tech-free spaces

Make some areas of your home tech-free. These are the zones where gadgets are not allowed. It could typically be the dining area.

Get him involved in the kitchen or backyard activities

Involve your child in the task that you are handling at home. Don’t give him a tablet to get him off your hair when you are cooking. If it’s cleaning a shelf or dusting the furniture, then ask him to join you.

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