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Life skills bloom at home

Life skills bloom at home
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Life skills prepare children for the life ahead. These skills are spread across various aspects of daily life. If you start focusing on your child’s life skills, it won’t be a culture shock for him or her once he/she moves out of home for work or studies. Read on.


Saving: Teach your children to save up some money every month. Buy a cute piggy bank for them and let them save up all the change in it while they buy candies and books. This way, they’ll gradually set themselves for a savings goal.

Budgeting: Many of us feel insecure when a month comes to an end. We lack the skill to make budgeting easy and hassle-free. Go ahead and teach your kids simple budgeting skills. Let your kids, for instance, afford their entire stationery for the month with say Rs. 400/-. Don’t be wary of letting your kids handle money. Also, teach them basic Maths.

Paying bills: Once they reach, say, 5th class, you can start giving them bills to pay and make sure that they pay bills on time. Let them learn how to write a cheque and how to make payment online. Tell them how one can make sure that  one is never late with bills again.

Investing: Teach them how dividends, principle, and interests work in real time. This is a good conversation to have with your teen.

Charity: Show them how to volunteer their time, money, and effort for a social cause.


Independent thinking: Many schools ask their students to be mum and listen to their teachers. This is not a healthy practice. Teach your children to question.

Reading: Inculcate the age-old reading habit in your children.

Positive thinking: It is vital to stay in a space of positivity within oneself. Find solutions instead of fixing the blame.

Conversation: You can start by conversing with your child instead of just preaching him. Being able to converse is a good social skill.


Automobile: How to buy a useful car? How do we take care of it? This has to be taught to both boys and girls.

Household: It is a must for kids to learn how to change bulbs and do the basics of painting walls; cooking; plumbing; and electricity.

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