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Classroom Experiential Learning

Personalize education @ home

Personalize education @ home
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Teachers can’t give their full attention to every student. In the classroom, children aren’t always introduced to the tools they need to unleash their potential. So, as a parent, you can take an initiative to personalize education for your child. Check out a few tips.

Pre-teach a lesson

Skip the tutor. Instead, you sit with your child and prepare him for next week’s lesson planned at the school. In the class, he will get to brush up the lesson and also deepen his knowledge of the topic. He may even be prepared enough to ask relevant questions related to the topic and learn more.

Take the learning outside

Don’t let your child spend a pleasant sunny day indoors. Many children need a lot of sensory stimulation to learn and retain better. A field trip is just what you need to keep your children motivated to know more about the world around. Go on a trip to a nearby park where you can discuss pendulums using swing there or you can let your child grasp fractions better as he munches on a pizza at a bakery.

Let your child discover his/her passion

Learning about acids and alkaline in a dusty classroom isn’t a welcome idea to everyone. Let your child learn outside of the school. Taking him to art exhibits, law seminars, and health classes may rekindle his academic fire.  These types of experiential learning methods will help him find his passion.

Sweat out the energy

Childhood obesity is rampant these days due to lack of physical exercise among school-goers. However, you can always take a call on how much your child sweats it out every day. Get him/her interested in a yoga class or go jogging with your child!

Surf the internet

Tackle your child’s least desired subjects using information available online. Read a passage of light to make physics more fun or begin a stimulating discussion on how a bill is passed through the parliament. Every subject is interesting when you dig deep enough. Try to instill a love of learning in your child.

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