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Relieving Students From Stress During Class

Relieving Students From Stress During Class
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Stress is not only limited to adults; even children can feel stressed out at times. If you feel that students look stressed–either physically or mentally, it is quite likely that they will not be able to concentrate on study. So, it is better for you to help such students combat their stress by conducting the following games:


Ask students to make a big group, either sitting or standing in a circle. Choose a leader, ask him/her to turn right and ask a question starting with “If You Were…”. For instance, it can be like if you were an animal, which one would you be or if you were a writer, who you would be. Every child has to ask the similar question to the person standing on his/her right. The game continues until everyone gets a chance to ask and answer a question. Once this is completed, you will have a class of students with fresh and open mind ready to be taught.


In this game, each student will write  three qualities of the student sitting on his right on a paper, without either his or the person’s name on the paper. Once this is done, ask the students to hand the papers back to you. When you receive all the sheets, read them out one by one and ask the class to guess whose qualities you are saying.


This works best in big groups, so ensure that you make a group of at least 8-10 students for this game. Select a student who would start the game and give him a long sentence, which is to be whispered to the person sitting on his right. The message has to pass through each student in the group till it reaches the last person. Once the circle is complete, ask the student who received the message last to speak it out loudly.

It would be amazing to listen how the message was interpreted and changed when passed through so many people. This game, in fact, will also lay emphasis on the importance of noting down everything important taught in the class, instead of just relying on the verbal communication.

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Dheeraj Mehrotra

An educational innovator, author and experiential educator, he has authored numerous books on computer science and educational excellence.


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