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Scaling Active Learning in Dawson College, Canada

Pritikana Karmakar
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The dynamics of teaching and learning has shifted from one where the learner passively absorbs information from the teacher to answer static questions in exams, to one where they learn by doing. However, educators have faced several roadblocks in scaling it on a wide scale across classrooms, some of them being related to infrastructure, time or lack of good planning.

In this video, Dr Edward Tse of the YouTube channel, Ed on EdTech follows the pedagogical research of Dr Elizabeth Charles, Co-Director at Dawson College in Quebec, where she talks about how they are trying to bring forth active learning across all subjects in quite a few schools and colleges in the area.

Dr Charles talks about the grand project, which, in her words, requires a lot of  ‘heavy lifting’ in terms of content, and that they have employed several subject matter experts to make the content and assessments to facilitate personalised learning and peer feedback.

Classroom infrastructure also needs to be revamped so that students can easily work in groups, along with the appropriate technology, to help the teacher guide students with ease.

Watch the video to learn how active learning can be scaled across institutions.

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOWdsitWWE4

Image source: Google Images

Pritikana Karmakar
Pritikana Karmakar

Pritikana Karmakar is an experienced copywriter at Next Education. She is a part of the editorial team of The Next World magazine. She loves to read fiction, and has a research interest in speculative fiction, language and narratology.


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