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Some common traits of successful teens

Veena Raizada
Some common traits of successful teens
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For teens, the world is a jungle and life is an adventure in it. A few teens have amazing social skills; however, their grades always take a backseat. On the other hand, some teens score ‘A’ in most of the examinations, although their social life is almost dull. Nevertheless, a rare section of teenagers is also there who can manage both their academic performance and social life with élan. The following are some common traits of such teens, who are found to be more successful in their academic performance as well as social life.

They take initiative: These successful teens have a zeal for taking initiatives at their homes as well as at schools. They are the first ones to audition for a stage play and they get going at the mere thought of organizing a high school event. They are also the first ones who sit down with their question papers and correct their answers that have gone wrong during tests. They don’t wait for things to happen. Instead, they just keep working.

They begin all tasks with a goal: These teens are always driven by goals. Whatever they do in their life, there is a strong purpose behind it. This goal-centricity always paves their way to success. It is true that if you do something without any goal, you are likely to end up being tossed to and fro by others’ opinions and wasting time. However, if you know the purposes of all your activities, you will feel motivated and it will lead you to success. Therefore, if you learn music, then always try to be great at it and if it’s sports, then aim to be at the top. If you play, then always play to win!

They know how to prioritize things: Successful teens usually master the art of prioritizing things in their life. It provides them with a clear idea of the things to be done, enabling them to free their mind of clutter. Besides, this attribute always helps them overcome fears and stay strong at the time of difficulties.

They first understand and then talk in order to be understood:  Most of the people don’t listen to others very well; one of the great frustrations in life is that we often feel misunderstood. A few teens learn their ropes earlier in life and grasp how things work. They listen properly and communicate accordingly.

They co-ordinate better: Team players need to be in sync with each other. It’s smart to realize that you must look for opting for a better way and not assert to get your way at all times! Successful teens coordinate with their team mates well and get to know how they think. If needed, they try to be tuned in to their team mates’ wavelength.

Remember, ingredients required for success are often developed during teens. It is the time to show youngsters how to lay the foundations for success.

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Veena Raizada
Veena Raizada

With more than 40 years of experience in school education, Ms Raizada has conducted approximately 1000 training sessions for teachers, students and parents. She is also a pioneer in developing technology-enabled products.


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