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How to deal with math anxiety

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It is quite difficult to overcome math anxiety. Unlike other types of anxieties, this anxiety cannot be avoided, especially at the time when one is struggling with a mathematical problem. Maths anxiety to a certain extent is quite normal, even accepted, as overconfidence may have a negative impact on a student’s performance. However, this anxiety should not go beyond control.

Consider the following points if you find it difficult dealing with math anxiety.

Regular practicing mathematics is the best possible way to keep math anxiety at bay. The more mathematical problems you practice or solve, the better your grasp will be on the subject. Several studies have revealed that math phobia or math anxiety is due to the fact that most of the students do not practice math on a regular basis.

To overcome math anxiety, you should devise your own exam strategy. It has been found that most of the students start feeling helpless when they encounter a difficult question during exams. This causes anxiety because of which, they cannot focus on the rest of questions. Devise an appropriate strategy while appearing in a math test. For instance, when you encounter a difficult question (s) or when you have any doubt about the answer (s), keep the question (s) or answer (s) aside. Finish all other questions first and then come back to the problematic question/answer (s).

At times, various relaxation strategies help in putting an end to math anxiety. If your anxiety is overpowering you while struggling with a problem, take a short break. Practice some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and rework on the problem with a fresh mind. Although you cannot follow this technique during exams, it may help you when  you practice math at home.

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