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The evolution of learning

The evolution of learning

Over the years, learning has evolved to help people understand better and remember longer. The following are various steps of learning evolution.

Learning by hearing: Ancient India had the Gurukul system, where lessons were spoken by the Guru and students learned by listening.

Learning by seeing, hearing, and doing: In the traditional setting, schools use a combination of lectures and textbooks. Students learn by listening, reading, and writing. Of late, many schools have started using labs and other hands-on activity methods to supplement learning through experiments.

Learning by engaging the imagination: eLearning uses computer-based systems to create simple animations and voice, thereby adding life to lessons. Unlike printed textbooks, this audio-visual medium enables students to imagine small details and learn concepts more effectively.

And finally, learning by interaction: Interactive Learning or iLearning takes the best aspects of learning by seeing, hearing, doing, and imagination and adds the element of interactivity. Each lesson is brought 100% alive through animation, and students are placed in interesting interactive situations like KBC Quizzes, Virtual Labs, and so on.

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