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Tips to maintain discipline during classroom teaching — key to successful classroom management

Tips to maintain discipline during classroom teaching — key to successful classroom management

Maintaining discipline during classroom teaching is an important aspect of effective classroom management. Especially for new teachers, this issue poses a serious challenge. The following are some easy-to-follow tips that will help teachers make their classroom teaching more effective, thereby resulting in successful classroom management.

  • Demand students’ attention before starting your lesson. So, wait until the class settles down and then start your lesson. At times, teachers begin their lesson the moment they step in the classroom. They do not wait for students to settle down. This practice; however, fails to make the teaching-learning process effective, as many students may not pay attention to the lesson right from the beginning.
  • Before starting the lesson, clearly mention what you will teach during the period. You can also write down the lesson plan of that particular day as well as activities to be done on the blackboard. This is an effective way to remove all ambiguities that students may have about the lesson to be taught in the class. Do remember that such ambiguities, many a time, create confusion in the classroom, disrupting the teaching-learning process.
  • Monitoring is another effective way of maintaining discipline in the classroom during teaching. Usually, great teachers get around the entire classroom at the time of teaching. It helps them get students’ attention as well as keep a close eye on all students.
  • It is said that values cannot be taught but can be caught. This saying is quite appropriate to define how to maintain discipline in the classroom during teaching. Time and again, it has been proved that passionate and enthusiastic teachers are more effective in creating a holistic learning environment in the classroom. Their passion and enthusiasm help in inculcating a passion for learning into students.
  • Last but not the least; you should set rules for your students to follow during the class. This process goes a long way in maintaining discipline in the classroom, facilitating effective teaching. However, do not portray these rules in a negative light. Instead, refer to them as your expectations from your students and highlight how these rules can assist in the teaching-learning process.

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