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Ways to make schooling hours happy for kids!


Teachers, you need to inculcate a love for school and learning earlier on. So, when kids come to school teary-eyed do not ignore it – take it up on yourself to make coming to school joyful for them. This is especially important in the early years at school. But you have to handle first graders differently from the third graders.

Go slow. Don’t be caught up in academics.

Go slow and make sure your children get the concepts right. Take the time to have them so simple science experiments. Conduct various fun activities like teaching them tricks on solving puzzles or play word games like crossword in class. Make the games challenging so that it is fun for this. This way you can also encourage them to use the dictionary.

Ask them to present news bulletins of the day from that day’s newspaper. Teach them to write summaries of the news stories with a headline and make them read it aloud. You can spend around 15 minutes doing this every morning hour each day.

Get Outside

Give them outdoor-time everyday. If you have a spacious campus, let them enjoy study time outside the class. Being outside, even for just a few minutes a day, can heighten well-being. We breathe fresh air on our skin — the warmth of the sun, the sting of wind, the moisture of rain – which connects us to the natural world. Even when it’s cold out, or when it’s warm and glorious, we can take our students outside for a quick walk.

Move Your Body

Body movements ultimately increase happiness. Therefore, make sure that there are some sorts of activities in the daily routine.

Incorporate Quiet Time

Practice meditation is also suggested. Such practice causes changes in our brain chemistry, it’s proven. Either encourages them to mindfully sit erect on their seats as they watch their breath or give them quiet time of 5-10 minutes everyday and just let them take in the silence.

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