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Why physical activities are important for your kids?

Why physical activities are important for your kids

Most of the parents believe that the one and only way to score well in exams is to study regularly and rigorously. However, several studies have revealed that those students who not only study but also get actively involved in various physical activities score better. Indeed, sports participation leads to an improvement in information processing, creative thinking, concentration and memory power.

Nevertheless, in today’s world, the ubiquitous availability of advanced technologies–such as smartphones, computers, internet, video games, among others–has dented kids’ interest in outdoor sporting activities. Children, nowadays, are more interested in sitting in a place and indulging in various games. This sedentary lifestyle has ultimately given rise to sitting disorder and many other lifestyle-related diseases.

It is necessary for parents to get their children actively involved in various physical activities. Although gadgets and gizmos have their own merits, they cannot surpass the importance of games and outdoor activities.

Let us see why physical activities are important for kids.

  • Physical activities help in brain development. According to studies, if a kid exercises at least for 30 minutes, it will result in a significant improvement in his/her memory power and motor skill coordination.
  • Sporting activities also lead to an increase in cognitive functions, memory power, and concentration level. Further, these activities have a positive impact on a kid’s behavior as well as academic performance.
  • Sport participation also enables kids to pick up some essential life skills, including discipline, teamwork, leadership, time management, empathy, just to name a few.
  • Last but not the least; physical activities act as a catalyst for the holistic development of a kid, as they help in creating a balance between body and mind.

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