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Learning different languages is good for the brain’s cognitive development: AIIMS doctors

Urmi Khasnobish
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Learning different languages is good for the brain’s cognitive development: AIIMS doctors

Learning different languages can boost cognitive development in children. According to health experts, if a child knows more than two languages, different parts of their brain get activated. It helps them concentrate better and further leads to a thorough development of intelligence.

As quoted by Dr Manjari Tripathi, Professor of Neurology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), “It has been proven that adults proficient in two languages performed better on attention tests and had better concentration than those who spoke only one language, irrespective of whether they had learned it during infancy, childhood or teen years.”

Apart from that, doctors also stated their views against the excessive use of social media and this generation’s addiction to the same. They urged the government to take action against internet gaming and other social media applications that can be threatening for children in the long run.

Content Source: India Today


Urmi Khasnobish
Urmi Khasnobish

Urmi Khasnobish is an experienced copywriter at Next Education India Pvt.Ltd. She is an avid reader and a voracious writer with a strong background in journalism. As an enthusiastic blogger, she often indulges in writing on topics of relevance to the Indian youth.


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