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How will AI and robotics transform jobs of the future?

Pritikana Karmakar
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Artificial Intelligence is the single most disruptive technology of our age, which has started to revolutionise our world, and continues to unlock doors to further progress every day. Artificial intelligence is all about augmenting human decision making using computers – from controlling room temperatures and auto-controlling a car to personalising your learning and entertainment preferences.

The rapid development in this field is inducing several changes in the jobs, and the change will be more pronounced in the future jobs. For instance, AI-controlled medical devices will be able to scan reports and assist doctors with adequate medical information on subsequent steps.

Artificial intelligence is complementing human decision making and helping us do our jobs better, instead of replacing our positions. Robotics, on the other hand, is making our jobs easier by taking over strenuous or tedious actions, especially in the manufacturing industry.

These two technologies have the potential to make our professional lives easier and more efficient. Find out more from the video given below!

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Pritikana Karmakar
Pritikana Karmakar

Pritikana Karmakar is an experienced copywriter at Next Education. She is a part of the editorial team of The Next World magazine. She loves to read fiction, and has a research interest in speculative fiction, language and narratology.


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