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eLearning makes teaching easier and learning faster

eLearning makes teaching easier and learning faster
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eLearning has been found to be a convenient way of teaching, as it ensures that students learn faster and better. Teaching, when equipped with eLearning modules,comprising various audio-visual and activity-based modules, can make the lesson interactive, improve students’ understanding of a subject/topic and enhance their retention capacity dramatically. On the other hand, the traditional chalk-and-talk teaching approach makes learning monotonous, leading to low retention.

eLearning also empowers teachers to monitor each student’s progress and performance. Thus, a teacher can set the learning pace according to the needs of the class, and even can customize his/her teaching for any student having difficulty in comprehending a particular concept/topic. Besides, it enables every student to set his/her own pace according to his/her own learning needs.

Being an important part of teaching/learning, assessments help in measuring learning outcomes. In addition, assessments offer remedial inputs and assist in students’ consistent developments. eLearning modules make topics simpler to understand, while interactivity ensures that students stay focused for a longer period of time.

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