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Student of the stars: How do you become an astronomer?

Pritikana Karmakar

Do you dream of reaching the stars, discovering the secrets of the galaxy?

If you are fascinated by the secrets that the ether holds, you may consider becoming an astronomer, working for outer space missions at space research centres. In that case, what is the course that your academic career needs to take?

Dr Michelle Thaller, Assistant Director of Science Communication at NASA and astronomer, talks about the various ways one can be involved in astronomy as a career. She also outlines her own experiences in becoming a professional research astronomer, which requires a doctorate degree in astronomy or astrophysics.

The path of an astronomer, like all professions, has its ups and downs, full of writing, finances, research plans, rejected and accepted proposals and so on, but as Dr Thaller says, it is worth it if you are passionate enough about it from your early years.

Watch the following video if you are looking forward to a star-studded career!

Pritikana Karmakar
Pritikana Karmakar

Pritikana Karmakar is an experienced copywriter at Next Education. She is a part of the editorial team of The Next World magazine. She loves to read fiction, and has a research interest in speculative fiction, language and narratology.


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