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Home is The First School

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Mrs. J. Sujata has been a prinipal for 6 years now who is currently leading and shaping the future of hundreds of students at Secunderabad Public School. She tells Next Gurukul about her experience throughout and the challenges faced by a principal.

Q. How effective is digital education?

I was a teacher for 22 years and must say that digital education or rather smart classes are a great aid for the current teachers in addition to a huge help for the students to understand what’s being taught. However, with everything being taught through the audio-visual way, students don’t really imagine what they are learning as compared to the traditional textbook way. To help the students work on their imagination alongside, we conduct various competitions and class acitivities where there is no limit to their imagination.

Q. What are the responsibilities being a Principal?

A principal should always be aware of what’s going on in the school and should make herself approachable for the children and teachers. Move around the school frequently to see how things shaping up. You may even enter a class and ask 1-2 questions to see the presence of mind and the readiness of the students. Motivate both the students and the teachers all way long, your sudden participation does make a difference.

Q. Have the school policies/administration changed over these years?

The school policies and administration has significantly changed over the past few years. With so many activities going on in the school premises, it becomes the responsibility of the administration to keep the school culture in place. On the other hand, the principal has to be a part when executing the policies to maintain the decorum in the school.

Q. Advice for the new Prinipals and Parents?

Principal: Be patient and empathetic especially when dealing with certain problems. Be it a student, teacher or parent, hear them out, let them say everything they want to, just listen. Listening makes them feel someone is there to hear their issues; once they have vented out all, they will understand you with a clear mind.

Job satisfaction in being a Principal is ultimate. When you see children growing up, grooming and prospering, it gives you an amazing feel.

Parent: Your child is not the responsibility of school entirely. A child can bloom only if the parent and the school share the child’s upbringing. As it is said, Home is the first school.